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Third Sector IT’s main aim is to help your company reach its goals.



Save you time and make you money…

With Salesforce your business has the potential to do both of these things!

Having all the vital information at your fingertips will save you time and the personal connection is sure to keep your customers coming back for more.

The better Salesforce fits your business the more you’ll gain from it. Get a smooth, rapid and cost-effective Salesforce implementation. Partner with us today!











Effective Training Solutions for your Company

If you are a complete beginner then save yourself stress and time by enrolling on our no-nonsense ‘Salesforce Fast Start: Training For New Users’ course.

If you already use Salesforce but would like to learn more, our more advanced courses teach how to really make the most of this powerful tool to easily increase your customer/donation amounts. Check out ‘Introduction to Salesforce Reporting’ / ‘Advanced Salesforce Reporting’ and ‘Salesforce Reporting for Management and Directors’.

Alternatively find out about all of our available training here.











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Salesforce Implementation to Better your Business

If you don’t already use Salesforce then you are missing out! It’s a cloud based Customer Relations Management (CRM) system which helps you to understand your customers better, manage your sales team more effectively and as a result deliver better service.

Third Sector IT thinks Salesforce is great, and that everyone should use it to help give their customers the best experience possible in order to ensure they will always return next time; but we know that starting with a new system can be a daunting task! We offer a personal and tailored implementation which saves you time and gives you excellent value for money.

Find out more about our implementation service here… Give us a ring on 020 7022 2023, or contact us directly here.



Helpful and Affordable Pay-As-You-Go Support

If you love Salesforce then you’ll want to ensure that it runs smoothly and without any problems for all of your connected staff!

Third Sector IT provides easy to understand solutions to any of your questions and problems, reviews of seasonal Salesforce upgrades, classroom and on-site training, and App-Exchange reviews. All of which are tailored to your company and your employee’s individual needs.

Ensure continual user adoption, and, as a result, continuing success from the very first day you begin using Salesforce. Pick a support plan here, and contact us directly here.







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