Salesforce Implementation

Leverage the power of Salesforce, engage with your customers, collaborate with your colleagues and understand your business through detailed analytics and reports. As a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner, staffed by Salesforce Certified Administrators, we have the skills, knowledge and expertise to help charity, non-profit and ethical SME’s customise their Salesforce implementation to meet their organisation’s unique needs.

Martin Holliday
Martin Holliday Warchild
We’ve been very impressed with Third Sector IT. Stony is very knowledgeable and has given us some extremely helpful insight which will allow us to improve our web presence and track results more effectively.

People work with us because they want a dedicated, committed, and considerate partner who will take the time to understand their business challenges and fit Salesforce into their organisation.

Whatever your challenge, we can help you utilise Salesforce to overcome it. Whatever your vision, we can leverage Salesforce to help you reach it. Our agile methodology is tailored to the demands of cloud-based development. That means a faster turn-around, with less risk, fewer surprises, and fewer people. And that adds up to savings.

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