Salesforce Reporting for Management

Workshop: Salesforce Reporting for Management and Directors


This course presumes that you need aggregate data to make management level decisions.

The goal of this course is two-fold. First, that you understand what Salesforce is capable of showing in a management report. Second, that either you can do it or you know how to clearly communicate your needs to your staff.

We will supply you with both a computer and a dedicated Salesforce Training instance, allowing you to securely and safely experiment as you learn. You may wish to bring a notebook.

Learn how to answer questions like:

  • What Percentage of our Income/Revenue came from just a few sources? Are we too dependent on a small number of benefactors / clients?
  • Are the hours we are working (or a similar metric like hours, days, cases, issues, etc) going up or down year on year, when comparing one month to another?
  • Which of my staff are responsible for the majority of our success?
  • In the last month, what percentage of our effort was successful?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • List the main limitation of Views vs a Tabular Report for Management Reporting
  • Use the Report Builder to create a Custom Tabular Report, and Save it
  • Show all the data in the Report, and then a Subset (filter) of the Data
  • Use the Hide Details function to show only Aggregate Values
  • Use Bucket Fields to categorise different values
  • Show the Sum, Minimum, Maximum, and Average Values of Numeric Data
  • Group by staff member, account, month, year, a bucket account, or any series of grouping,
  • Use ParentGroupVal formula to generate percentages of total
  • When grouping by a time field, choose what range to group by (week, month, financial quarter, etc)
  • Use PreGroupVal to show month-on-month changes (or any ordered series of data)
  • Generate subtotals by group (and sub-sub-totals by subgroup)
  • Use Matrix Reporting to gain 4 levels of grouping, and view sub-grouping better than Summary Reports
  • Apply formulas to Matrix Reports
  • Use Dashboards to show a Tabular or Summary Report as a List
  • Use Dashboards to show a Summary Report as a Gauge or Chart

Who Should Attend
Anyone who uses Salesforce, but specifically people who need key data at a managerial level or higher, and would like to be able to display relevent information and report on it. Staff, management and Salesforce admins will all benefit from this. Startups, small and medium businesses, corporations, social enterprises and charities will all benefit from what this workshop delivers.

Workshop Testimonial
“Excellent workshop… Really useful, I would recommend it to anyone using Salesforce!”
Narjice Basaran, GROW

What to bring: Nothing is required – a computer and Salesforce training instance will be provided. Refreshments will be available.
Where: Imparando Learning Centre, 56 Commercial Road, Aldgate, London E1 1LP. The venue is a 5 minute walk from Aldgate East tube.
Cost: £399 excluding VAT (discounts are available to charities and non profit organisations – please enquire for further details)
If you have an Annual Support Contract from Third Sector IT, this course may be available for free.
How to book: Credit Card
100% refunds are available up until 10 business days before the course start date. After this date no refunds are available, although you are welcome to substitute a different member of staff.

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