Salesforce Reports – undocumented feature

One of the reasons I love teaching our Intro to Reports class is that I learn something every time, without fail.

The last time a student asked me what the text and picklist on the bottom of a report meant, and I answered, “I have no idea!”

I now know both what it is and why I didn’t know before – it’s an undocumented feature that doesn’t appear in either Google or Salesforce Help search results.

If you look on the bottom of a report (Summary and Matrix, but not Tabular) you will see the text, “Check rows to filter, then drill down by:”

As far as I can tell, this replicates the “Summarize information by:” at the top of the report, only in completely different and obscure language. Basically, you can happily ignore it and stick to the functionality at the top of the report.


[the first comment on this post expands the explanation even more]

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  1. The drill button at the base of the report does what the drop-down at the top does, but also to filter the report by what you’ve checked.
    So, if you are looking at a set of data by state, and you are only interested in the city data in Texas, you’d click the box next to Texas (and I don’t mean New Mexico) and then choose City in the drop-down at the base of the report, then click “drill”.
    The report would change to be grouped by City and filtered by State=Texas.
    Often, it’s an easy step before doing “show details” also – to click the box on the aggregate you are going to look at, don’t make a selection and click “drill” and you’ll have filtered by the chosen State in two clicks, and you can then hit “show details” and not have 800 lines of details you don’t care about.

    • Thanks Thomas! Much appreciated

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