Salesforce Discounts for Community Interest Companies (CIC) Social Enterprises

Salesforce has always provided donated licenses and steep discounts on its software to Charities, but it has recently clarified its stance on Social Enterprises such as Community Interest Corporations (CIC), who might make a profit for their shareholders.

Salesforce will provide discounted licenses to CIC’s, meaning that Salesforce’s Enterprise Licenses, which normally cost in the region of £1000 per person per annum, are discounted to approximately £250. I some cases, Salesforce might even donate the first 10 licenses to the organisation, and then discount the 11th license and onwards.

While Salesforce is a compelling option for just about any organisation, the focus on lead generation, marketing, sales, and customer service is exactly the tools a CIC or Social Enterprise needs to increase it’s sales and satisfy its existing customers. To find out how to apply for discounted licenses as a Social Enterprise / CIC, or how we can help you generate more revenue and increase profits, contact us.


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