Review of the Salesforce – Eventbrite Connector for Event Management

Whether you are running paid or free events, first-name-basis events or huge events with barcode ticket-scanning for admission, Eventbrite will likely suit your needs. And if you run your organisation with Salesforce, then the Eventbrite Connector is the missing link, bringing happiness and clarity to your world.

The connector itself is free, and fairly straightforward. It can do one-way syncing from Eventbrite to Salesforce, so Salesforce will be able to grab all the info about your attendees, and report on it. The connector can even create a campaign and attach the imported contact/lead to the campaign, though you are better off creating the campaign first, so you can add member status like Attended and No-Show.

The import functionality is very intelligent. If a mixture of leads and contacts attended your event, as well as new records, the connector will update the existing contacts and leads, and import the new records as one of, Contacts, Leads, or Person Accounts. The connector matches the existing records based on email address, so while you might have some issues with people who have multiple email accounts, its otherwise pretty foolproof.

Also, while I usually import attendees just once, after the event, there is nothing stopping you from importing them several times before the event and then after, as additional people sign up. Neither duplicate contacts nor campaign member records will be created.

The connect can also bring in payment amount and discount code, which is wonderful, though cannot bring in any additional questions you might have asked. The payment is brought in at the Campaign Member record, so not perfect if you are trying to record all your income through Opportunities, but despite this mild issue I think their solution was the most elegant, rather than creating Opportunities.

And if a contact leaves the Company name blank, quite common for a B2C event, then the Contact record has a blank Account. You can always match them later, just put in Individual for the Account, or use something like Salesforce’s NfP Starter Pack.

The connector might need to go through a bit more revision – for instance, I had problems importing a single record due to (I’m guessing) the contact having an apostrophe in his email address: o’sullivan@… this led the whole import to fail, and I only figured it out by importing the contacts one by one until I had narrowed down the problematic record. Customer support is in a slightly obscure forum – if you are having problems with the connector the forum is here:

All in all, five stars out of five for features, three stars for reliability and two stars for support. When it works, it’s great. When it doesn’t work, it’s up to you to find out why.

If you are new to Eventbrite, sign up for an account here:

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