Managing with Dashboards explained in great New York Times article

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A lot of our clients look at Salesforce Reports and Salesforce Dashboards that we help them create, and say “That’s great! Errr, now what do I do?” The transition from working for your company or organisation to working on it is a big jump, and it can be hard not to wonder whether you are abdicating your responsibility or instead being responsible by delegating. Or maybe both? Dashboards help by giving you a high-level, graphical overview of the key metrics and indicators you are working with. At regular intervals, be they...

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Misunderstanding data centres, privacy, and legal concerns

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According to a Computer Weekly article, Alzheimers’ CIO Phil Shoesmith ‘slammed’ Salesforce’s lack of an EU datacentre. While I agree it would be nice for Salesforce have an EU data centre, and they did promise one, such a data centre would do nothing to alleviate Shoesmith’s concerns. Shoesmith is unhappy that Salesforce doesn’t have an EU data centre, as “there were some concerns about using cloud solutions, particularly US-based cloud solutions for our data.” This is where I start to wonder...

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Free replacement for the retired Salesforce for Google Adwords (SFGA) plugin

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[Update Dec 2012] Native Salesforce App replacement! If you want a Salesforce for Google Adwords replacement, check out Daddy Analytics – a native app on the app exchange. Prices are low, seems decent. Or, read on for the original post. It’s not elegant, but the following technical post will help people get a working replacement to the now unavailable Salesforce for Google Adwords (SFGA) plugin. Background: If you had installed & setup SFGA, and also added a tracking cookie on your Website, then when visitors submitted a...

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Keeping Your Pictures and Documents safe and secure

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While is our favorite cloud-based solution, there are other cloud solutions that solve different needs. This post is about keeping your valuable data safe, even if you experience fire, theft, or dead hard drives. I’ve talked to inconsolable friends who lost five years of baby pictures when their laptops crashed, and others when their their business files ended up on a dead hard drive. It’s an awful place to be, and can be prevented easily, and sometimes for free. Some people backup with an external hard drive, but...

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Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Formula Tips and Tricks at the UK Salesforce NfP Usergroup

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Today I had the pleasure of presenting one of my favorite topics, and what is hopefully a favorite topic of lazy (er, I mean efficient…) Salesforce Admins the world over: Formulas. You can use Salesforce Fomulas to link to other databases and websites, to bring in images from the likes of Yahoo Finance and Google Charts, or even to help you auto-fill objects by adding / overriding a New Object button. The slide deck below references a tremendous wealth of further reading, videos, and documentation, including a Dreamforce video on using...

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Social Enterprise Contests and Awards…and Coffee

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Warning – this post contains strong language and nudity. Just joking – it’s only strong language. But you were a bit more interested for a second, weren’t you? I’m a bit of a coffee nut. I weigh my beans, grind them in a burr grinder, and make my coffee using either a double walled french press or a manual espresso pump – my dependable Presso. I’ve blind-tested Lavazza against Illi, and firmly rejected Lavazza. I then moved on to local coffee roasters, settling for a while on Square Mile Coffee...

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Third Sector IT’s Partnership with Convio / Common Ground

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We’re very excited to be partnering with Convio and their cloud-based fundraising solution for Non-Profits, Common Ground! Common Ground is deeply integrated into Salesforce, and allows charities using Salesforce to do so much more. We’re one of three organisations picked as UK partners – and quite frankly, we’re the coolest of the three. Best of all, Common Ground will help us defeat Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge. What? Blackbaud buying Convio? Errr…long live our new Database Overlords. If you’d...

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Taking the ADM 301 and Sales Cloud Consultant exam

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I’m not too sure why I thought it would be a good idea, other than saving me a trip to the exam center, but I scheduled two Salesforce Certification exams back to back yesterday. I knew this was a bit chancy, as if I had failed the first I wouldn’t have been in a great mood to take the second, but happily I passed both. This means it’s also time to go back to Inkscape and add my certifications to my business card! We designed our business cards so people could stack up their certifications under their name. The funny thing...

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Salesforce Reports – undocumented feature

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One of the reasons I love teaching our Intro to Reports class is that I learn something every time, without fail. The last time a student asked me what the text and picklist on the bottom of a report meant, and I answered, “I have no idea!” I now know both what it is and why I didn’t know before – it’s an undocumented feature that doesn’t appear in either Google or Salesforce Help search results. If you look on the bottom of a report (Summary and Matrix, but not Tabular) you will see the text, “Check...

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