Your Requirements are Rubbish – Why Requirement Gathering is a Flawed Approach 0

Your Requirements are Rubbish – Why Requirement Gathering is a Flawed Approach

Posted by on Oct 27, 2012 in Cloud Computing, Seminar

I get more requirements documents for CRM’s than a sane man would want. This process of gathering and listing requirements is a legacy of a bygone day, when products were built from scratch, and you really could start with a blank sheet and write down everything you might want in a CRM or other software package. I’m preparing a possible speech on Cloud Computing at the Chase Exhibition for Charities, and trying to figure out how to express this. The best thing I’ve come up with is an analogy to the real world we’re already familiar with, and I’m going to write the rest of this as if it was my speech. Let’s write a requirements document for a car. But, more specifically, and to save time, let’s write the requirements limited to the windows, and further limited to the electric window mechanism, and further limited to the controls for the electric windows, and finally limited to the security model for the controls to the electric windows. Go ahead and take a minute or two to list the requirements for the security model for the electric window controls, either on paper or in your head. Proceed to the next line when you’re ready. First, a couple questions. Could you even think...

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Free event for non-profits evaluating CRM options

Posted by on May 27, 2011 in Cloud Computing, Salesforce, Seminar

a CRM Summit showcasing Salesforce, CiviCRM and MS Dynamics Tuesday June 7th from 2:00 to 5:30 at CAN Mezzanine Old Street (Free) While not that useful for existing Salesforce users, if you know of any non-profits who are still exploring what CRM they should select, please pass along the details for this showcase event. London Circuit Riders / Lasa is putting together a free CRM Summit for non-profits & charities on three CRM tools: Salesforce, CiviCRM, and MS Dynamics. I’ll be presenting and demonstrating Salesforce at the event, and making a (hopefully) compelling argument why it’s the best option for most non-profits.    ...

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Free Google Tools for your Organisation – Workshop

Posted by on Sep 24, 2010 in Google Web Tools, Seminar, Social Enterprise

I’m looking forward to running the Free Google Tools for your Organisation Workshop on Thursday, Oct 7th (2010) from 2-5 pm. I’m focusing on using Google Docs within your organisation, and Google Analytics / Adwords / Webmaster Tools for improving access to and use of your organisations website. It’s going to be a great little workshop for people who are considering or are in the early stages of adopting any of these tools, or for those who already use them but want to know more. It’s being hosted at CAN Mezzanine Old Street, in partnership with CAN. Booking is through CAN, and if you’d like to sign up please send your name, organisation & charity or CIC no. to, as Leah is kindly handling bookings and...

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SEL and PWC presenting Social Enterprise together

Posted by on Jan 27, 2010 in Seminar, Social Enterprise London

Just went to a great event tonight hosted by Social Enterprise London and Price-Waterhouse-Cooper called Question time for Leaders in Social Enterprise, and it was one of the best social enterprise events I’ve been to yet. My favorite was Rodney Schwartz, a fellow New Yorker and a quick wit. Answering a question from the audience about reliance on government funding and government promises, he said there was a difference between the government’s interdependence on social enterprise and its exploitation of social enterprise. I tried to chat to him afterwards, but made the mistake of saying hi as he made a bee-line for the toilet. Nature first, social enterprise second! I also liked the analogy of social enterprise being a bit like a teenager who is too old to get away with behaviour which was once ‘cute’ but is now merely annoying, but hasn’t made it all the way to full adulthood. I think I liked the overall event so much because it was, quite simply, professional. Social enterprise is still made up of people who haven’t mastered the business world, as evidenced by one unfortunate attendee representing a well known organisation who smelled of unwashed clothing. But the speakers, the the partners (SEL and PWC), the facilities at the BT center,...

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