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Quick and Dirty Google Apps – MS Exchange cheat sheet

Posted by on Mar 17, 2011 in Google Apps, Google Web Tools

If you want to trial Google Apps within a subset of your org, there’s an easy way to do it without changing any MX records or major settings. First, sign up for Google Apps (paid or free), and confirm your domain (can take up to a day or so depending on the method). At this point, Apps is willing to accept emails at, and you can send emails from Google Apps. But as your MX records haven’t changed, email will continue to arrive at your MS Exchange server, not Google’s servers. However, you can send emails to and google will allocate that correctly to your account, which means that you can forward an individual’s email in MS Exchange to the corresponding address. Here’s how it works. Bob at Acme has an email address on the company Exchange server. Bob is in the Google Apps trial, so the MS Exchange administrator forwards his email to Bob logs in to the Google Apps web interface, and reads and sends email as normal using the web interface. As Bob’s email is unchanged, it goes out as, so his recipients never know that he is using or trying Apps. When they reply, their email goes briefly to Exchange before...

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Google Apps and Domain Name Questions

Posted by on Mar 4, 2011 in Google Apps, Google Web Tools

A friend had a few questions about domain names, and I thought I’d answer it for all. Q: How do I use Google Apps with multiple domains? If you have Google Premier (the paid version), then you can add multiple domains. For smaller orgs, chances are you want to add the domain as an alias, which would mean that and would go to the same inbox. You can enable that in the Control Panel, under Domain Settings > Domain Names > Add a New Domain Name. More info here. You’ll have to point the MX records of the second domain to Google as well. Q: How do I have a single email forward to a number of us? Best way to do that is to setup the email address as a Group in the Control Panel, under Groups > Create a new group. All messages will go to all people in the group, regardless of whether they have google apps or not, or are in your org or not. Q: How do I have multiple emails go to the same person? (reverse of question above) Under the user’s account in control panel, start adding Nicknames. This way, can also receive,,...

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Free Google Tools for your Organisation – Workshop

Posted by on Sep 24, 2010 in Google Web Tools, Seminar, Social Enterprise

I’m looking forward to running the Free Google Tools for your Organisation Workshop on Thursday, Oct 7th (2010) from 2-5 pm. I’m focusing on using Google Docs within your organisation, and Google Analytics / Adwords / Webmaster Tools for improving access to and use of your organisations website. It’s going to be a great little workshop for people who are considering or are in the early stages of adopting any of these tools, or for those who already use them but want to know more. It’s being hosted at CAN Mezzanine Old Street, in partnership with CAN. Booking is through CAN, and if you’d like to sign up please send your name, organisation & charity or CIC no. to, as Leah is kindly handling bookings and...

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