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Comparing Cirrus Insights vs Appirio Cloudfactor – A Review

Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 in Cloud Computing, Google Apps, Salesforce, Sync

Users of Gmail and Google Apps have always needed better integration between their email and Salesforce, but unlike Outlook & Exchange users, Salesforce hasn’t built an app to facilitate connection. And we do need a tool to make the following things easier: View a contact’s Salesforce details quickly and easily, even when in the Gmail window. Create a new Salesforce Lead or Contact based on an incoming email When sending an email, create a task that associates that email with the Contact/Lead AND the relevant Case/Opportunity/Account. Luckily, two different third-party apps bring Salesforce information into the browser, allowing us to see context-relevant records all within the gmail window, without having to look someone up in Salesforce. It’s not just that the apps save time, they allow you to see information you wouldn’t have bothered to look for. We tried both, giving different users in our office one of the two integration tools. The clear winner was Cirrus Insights, and all users on Appirio requested to move over to Cirrus. For a one line summary, Cirrus is better because it’s on the sidebar and also loads faster. For further details, read on. Or, go ahead and give Cirrus Insights a try, they have 30 day full evaluation, after which you...

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How do I forward email to two different addresses using Google Apps?

Posted by on May 24, 2011 in Google Apps

Forwarding email in gmail / google apps to one address is easy: in the gmail inbox, you go to Settings > Forwarding, and Forward a Copy. Any user can do this to their own email. But what if you want to forward email to two (or more) addresses? This is possible, but you need to be an admin in Google Apps to do this. This works in all versions, both Premier and Standard (the free version). Go to the Control Panel of Google Apps – from your Inbox, click Manage this Domain on the upper right. If you don’t see this, you might not be an Admin. Go to the Groups tab, create the group, and enter all the email addresses you want the forwarded emails to go to. You can forward to all email addresses, not just those within your domain. Send a test email or two, make sure you are happy with it, and voila, you have forwarded to as many emails as you want. Very useful for info@ email addresses....

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Quick and Dirty Google Apps – MS Exchange cheat sheet

Posted by on Mar 17, 2011 in Google Apps, Google Web Tools

If you want to trial Google Apps within a subset of your org, there’s an easy way to do it without changing any MX records or major settings. First, sign up for Google Apps (paid or free), and confirm your domain (can take up to a day or so depending on the method). At this point, Apps is willing to accept emails at, and you can send emails from Google Apps. But as your MX records haven’t changed, email will continue to arrive at your MS Exchange server, not Google’s servers. However, you can send emails to and google will allocate that correctly to your account, which means that you can forward an individual’s email in MS Exchange to the corresponding address. Here’s how it works. Bob at Acme has an email address on the company Exchange server. Bob is in the Google Apps trial, so the MS Exchange administrator forwards his email to Bob logs in to the Google Apps web interface, and reads and sends email as normal using the web interface. As Bob’s email is unchanged, it goes out as, so his recipients never know that he is using or trying Apps. When they reply, their email goes briefly to Exchange before...

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Google Apps and Domain Name Questions

Posted by on Mar 4, 2011 in Google Apps, Google Web Tools

A friend had a few questions about domain names, and I thought I’d answer it for all. Q: How do I use Google Apps with multiple domains? If you have Google Premier (the paid version), then you can add multiple domains. For smaller orgs, chances are you want to add the domain as an alias, which would mean that and would go to the same inbox. You can enable that in the Control Panel, under Domain Settings > Domain Names > Add a New Domain Name. More info here. You’ll have to point the MX records of the second domain to Google as well. Q: How do I have a single email forward to a number of us? Best way to do that is to setup the email address as a Group in the Control Panel, under Groups > Create a new group. All messages will go to all people in the group, regardless of whether they have google apps or not, or are in your org or not. Q: How do I have multiple emails go to the same person? (reverse of question above) Under the user’s account in control panel, start adding Nicknames. This way, can also receive,,...

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Google Apps, EU / UK Data Privacy laws, and Charities

Posted by on Nov 18, 2010 in Cloud Computing, Google Apps

At the Civil Society IT Conference today, Anthony Misquitta and other partners from Farrer & Co, one of the UK’s oldest law firms, presented on the legal issues involved in outsourcing data to outside of the UK, and one of the issues they touched upon was the EU Directive on Data Protection. UK and EU organisations understandably try to keep their data in jurisdictions where they feel their data will be legally protected, both because this is the ethical thing to do and also it is required by law. As a result, one of the first questions people have when I mention Google Apps or Salesforce is about the security of their data and the legality of hosting their organisation’s data with these companies, which will keep some or all of it in the US. Partners from Farrer, backed up by articles from Julie Harris and Mark Walker, clarified that Google Apps complies with EU requirements for data protection through the Safe Harbor framework, that allows US companies to comply with the EU Directive. Explicit information can be found at Google, as well as Salesforce’s Trust Site, and at a US Government website on the Safe Harbor framework. (it is also this government website that reminds us that people in government...

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Google Calendar lacks Outlook’s Calendar Categories

Posted by on Nov 12, 2010 in Google Apps

I’m a huge fan of Google Apps, but the challenge of Apps is that it’s functionality is different than other solutions, and some features are inevitably missing (no solution has everything). Example – I’d like to Categorise my Google Calendar appointments, and have this categorisation also affect the color. It’s a trick I picked up from the smart people at Lucidica / Responsible IT, where fixed events are one color, while events that can be moved around are a different color. Helps to look at your calendar and in one glance see what you have to go to and what you can reschedule. And if it’s all have to then you had better take some precautionary steps in case one thing runs over and spills into your other events. With Outlook Calendars I can have multiple colours and categories, with Google all I can do is create additional calendars. No biggie if it’s just you, but when trying to share your calendar with other people in your organisation, you may not want each person to have 3-6 different calendars. I already have three, personal, business, and business events published on this web site. Adding 4 more won’t increase my...

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