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Migrating Data from SQL Server to using Talend – Part 1

Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Cloud Computing, Data Migration, Salesforce

At Third Sector IT we’re often asked to migrate data from a client’s existing system to a new org. Sometimes this is because they are changing databases, and need all of their old data in Salesforce. Other times, they are considering adopting Salesforce and want to use the system with their own data in it. Sometimes customers have a second databases or web service, and want a daily or near-live synchronisation between the two. If the source is something simple like an Excel spread this can often be achieved using spreadsheets, the Salesforce Data Loader and a lot of patience! When migrating from a more complex source with multiple relational tables such as Access, MySQL, or MS SQL Server, using data loader can be time consuming and error prone. This is where Talend comes to the rescue! At Third Sector IT we love Talend and use it for virtually all of our complex data migration work both in house and for clients. Here are just a few of its many advantages for this type of work: Once a Talend job is set-up you can run it as many times as you like and each run takes a matter of minutes. This allows an iterative and flexible approach to...

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