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Integrating Salesforce with QuickBooks Online

Posted by on Jul 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

One of our clients asked us to research the best way to integrate Salesforce with QuickBooks Online, and we thought we’d publish what we found as a blog post. The challenge for Charities is that a fundraising charity often receives payments, sometimes directly and individually, sometimes aggregated through their credit card provider, and sometimes through direct debits. Sadly, there is no magic bullet for handling all of this. QuickBooks Online will not ‘know’ about individual donations when it reconciles a single bank transaction containing multiple donations. So a custom solution is often needed. For charities who run a social business or a business-esque branch (such as the Red Cross being paid to deliver First Aid courses in a business) and issue Invoices, the options are a lot brighter. Tons of businesses have grappled with the best way to get financial data back and forth between Salesforce and QuickBooks Online, and if a charity’s business model is similar to that of a business, the integration will be easy. Trigger-based Salesforce QuickBooks Online Integration Trigger-based means that an event in Salesforce fires off an event in QuickBooks Online, or vice versa. Trigger based integration includes the widely know Zapier, which syncs all manner of programs. Zapier is powerful in that it...

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