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Replacing Salesforce for Google Adwords 2

Replacing Salesforce for Google Adwords

Posted by on Mar 30, 2013 in Salesforce

Salesforce for Google Adwords retires on May 1st, which means a few thousand people are going to need an alternative. Here are a list of replacements for Salesforce for Google Adwords,  what they have in common, and what sets them apart. Common to All Replacements for Salesforce for Google Adwords For every Salesforce for Google Adwords replacement we looked at, there were some things in common. As far as we can see, all solutions require you to manually tag your incoming links. So Google Adwords URL’s will have to be rewritten, and query strings like utm_source=google added to all of them. Most / all solutions use the format suggested by Google URL Builder. Salesforce for Google Adwords didn’t require manual tagging and was able to use auto-tagging, but none of the replacements have this feature. The upshot is that you don’t need to open up Google Adwords API access. Also, all solutions also require you to put a few hidden fields in your Salesforce Web-to-Lead form, to track either the utm variables or other items. So you’ll have to tweak your Web-to-Lead forms, possibly with some additional javascript. And finally, you’ll have to put a tracking cookie on every page of your website – just like you had to with...

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Virgin Money Giving and Salesforce at London Hackathon Event in Tower 42 4

Virgin Money Giving and Salesforce at London Hackathon Event in Tower 42

Posted by on Dec 8, 2012 in Salesforce, Sync

I had the geeky pleasure of spending part of Saturday in Tower 42, in Salesforce’s offices for a hackathon. For those not aware of this geekfest, it’s when people get together to program for the fun of it. What made this day particularly interesting is that we started working on a connector for Virgin Money Giving and Salesforce. It’s in it’s early stages, and doesn’t even work yet (you can only do so much in an afternoon) but it’s the beginnings of what could hopefully be a wonderful app to save charities tremendous amounts of time and frustration. James Melville of Tquila (who had previously constructed a similar tool for JustGiving) and Prathaban Palani of News International did the majority of the work while I tried not to get in the way. If you want to improve on the app, it’s up at Github at as a public app. It’s currently GPL2, with the idea of having an open-source freely available version on GitHuB, as well as a managed package with paid...

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Understanding Agile and Salesforce Implementations – from Idealist Consulting 0

Understanding Agile and Salesforce Implementations – from Idealist Consulting

Posted by on Nov 27, 2012 in Salesforce

Idealist Consulting, a B-Corp located in Oregon, USA, specialises in Salesforce Implementations for Non-profits. As we’re in the same space, we chat occasionally, and I wanted to highlight their recent blog post. Idealist discusses the three types of implementation methodologies, Waterfall, Agile, and Scrum, and like us, they’ve found Agile to be the best. They write: We have used each style, but the truth is roughly 80% of all projects can be facilitated in an Agile fashion and it is even more likely Agile project management will be utilized when deploying solutions in the cloud. Idealist go on to offer some great tips about how to use Agile methodology and Salesforce, I suggest you read their blog post for more great...

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Your Requirements are Rubbish – Why Requirement Gathering is a Flawed Approach 0

Your Requirements are Rubbish – Why Requirement Gathering is a Flawed Approach

Posted by on Oct 27, 2012 in Cloud Computing, Seminar

I get more requirements documents for CRM’s than a sane man would want. This process of gathering and listing requirements is a legacy of a bygone day, when products were built from scratch, and you really could start with a blank sheet and write down everything you might want in a CRM or other software package. I’m preparing a possible speech on Cloud Computing at the Chase Exhibition for Charities, and trying to figure out how to express this. The best thing I’ve come up with is an analogy to the real world we’re already familiar with, and I’m going to write the rest of this as if it was my speech. Let’s write a requirements document for a car. But, more specifically, and to save time, let’s write the requirements limited to the windows, and further limited to the electric window mechanism, and further limited to the controls for the electric windows, and finally limited to the security model for the controls to the electric windows. Go ahead and take a minute or two to list the requirements for the security model for the electric window controls, either on paper or in your head. Proceed to the next line when you’re ready. First, a couple questions. Could you even think...

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Salesforce Discounts for Community Interest Companies (CIC) Social Enterprises

Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Salesforce, Social Enterprise

Salesforce has always provided donated licenses and steep discounts on its software to Charities, but it has recently clarified its stance on Social Enterprises such as Community Interest Corporations (CIC), who might make a profit for their shareholders. Salesforce will provide discounted licenses to CIC’s, meaning that Salesforce’s Enterprise Licenses, which normally cost in the region of £1000 per person per annum, are discounted to approximately £250. I some cases, Salesforce might even donate the first 10 licenses to the organisation, and then discount the 11th license and onwards. While Salesforce is a compelling option for just about any organisation, the focus on lead generation, marketing, sales, and customer service is exactly the tools a CIC or Social Enterprise needs to increase it’s sales and satisfy its existing customers. To find out how to apply for discounted licenses as a Social Enterprise / CIC, or how we can help you generate more revenue and increase profits, contact us.   Fill in your details, and we’ll contact you First Name Last Name Email Phone/Mobile Organisation Interested In: Licenses for a Social EnterpriseIncreasing my CIC’s...

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Comparing Cirrus Insights vs Appirio Cloudfactor – A Review

Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 in Cloud Computing, Google Apps, Salesforce, Sync

Users of Gmail and Google Apps have always needed better integration between their email and Salesforce, but unlike Outlook & Exchange users, Salesforce hasn’t built an app to facilitate connection. And we do need a tool to make the following things easier: View a contact’s Salesforce details quickly and easily, even when in the Gmail window. Create a new Salesforce Lead or Contact based on an incoming email When sending an email, create a task that associates that email with the Contact/Lead AND the relevant Case/Opportunity/Account. Luckily, two different third-party apps bring Salesforce information into the browser, allowing us to see context-relevant records all within the gmail window, without having to look someone up in Salesforce. It’s not just that the apps save time, they allow you to see information you wouldn’t have bothered to look for. We tried both, giving different users in our office one of the two integration tools. The clear winner was Cirrus Insights, and all users on Appirio requested to move over to Cirrus. For a one line summary, Cirrus is better because it’s on the sidebar and also loads faster. For further details, read on. Or, go ahead and give Cirrus Insights a try, they have 30 day full evaluation, after which you...

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